Hi, I’m Tommo

I did not have a name when I came to Snowy Wilderness, I am actually owned by Mick Flannagan, the Jindy butcher who does the Settler’s Hut Trek with Snowy Wilderness. Justin & Delia named me Tommo and Flanno was happy with that, I think he was over the moon he did not need to figure out a name for me, I think Flanno is a bit lazy when it comes to inventing horse names!!

I have been here at Snowy Wilderness for over 4 years now and I am part of the furniture.

I am the priority horse to go out on Flanno’s treks but only if I suit the guests heights/weights & experience, but this usually works that I do get to go out on treks with my real owner. Sometimes I think Flanno looks at me sideways and says “are you really my horse?”

Anyway, my bestie is Snowy and there is no way we will be separated, Snowy is just the nicest and least presupposing mate you could ever have, we just want to hang out forever, we really are inseperable. I do know Justin tries to match us up on rides whenever he can, but sometimes if I go out without Snowy or vice versa, no problem, we make up on the lost gossip during the night.

I am a very chilled out horse and suitable for any level of rider, I can be very good for a beginner or I can give an experienced rider a really good time.

I am a chestnut thoroughbred and if I may say so, very handsome, but I must admit Snowy is the star, he being a toffy looking Anglo Arab.

We invite you to come and share this very special experience with us.
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