Hi Everyone

I am not a riding horse but a very handsome Waler Brumby. Luckily Justin found me and my mob on the web in March of 2004, we had come from the Northern Territory to the NSW Central Coast, it was a severe drought and we were going to the slaughter house as noone could afford to feed us…we were in a terrible way and our future looked bleak to say the least.

Then Justin sent this truck to pick us up and take us to his amazing wilderness. After we arrived we were still in deep trouble as we were severely starved and 2 of my mob actually passed away. We were fed rich lucerne hay everyday throughout the snowy mountains winter until well into summer when we had recovered and were fat and happy.

We have now been here for 15 years and we are about 24 years old. Justin comes by often to feed me and give me treats like bread, snack bars, and licorice. I love him and he loves me, he calls me his best friend which makes me extremely proud.

The winters here are not like the Northern Territory, but we have acclimatized and deal with it fairly well. We are up at Justin & Delia’s High Acres and the grasses are nice and lush for us most of the time.

When Justin comes to see me he often has a riding group with him or a 4WD tour and I ham it up with Justin to impress the guests, I like licking his hand to get the salt from his skin, the guests are always very impressed with this show of affection. His lead horse Banjo is a bit of a pain, but I just deal with it!!

Please come and visit me up on the High Acres, we love having visitors.

We invite you to come and share this very special experience with us.
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