Hi, My name is Monty and I am a very nice Standard Bred with a big blaze down my nose, but I was not so good at racing. The organization I paced for took me to the auction sales in Young to get rid of me and just left me in the yard so I was not ridden in the sales ring so I was not able to show off what a nice horse I was. As they were auctioning us off from the yards after the sales ring was completed along came this guy called Justin and he politely asked me if I wanted to become a trail riding horse at Snowy Wilderness in the mountains. I was very keen as my prospects of a nice home were not looking good at this stage.

When the auctioneer came to my yard, I was the first to be auctioned and lo and behold, Justin bought me. The auctioneer laughed at Justin and asked him what he was going to use me for, he promptly replied that I would become a trail riding horse. The auctioneer laughed again and said all I would be good for was pulling a cart!!

Well Justin said to me to just ignore the guy and what would he know anyway. Justin decided I needed a name and he told me I would be known as Monty. I was very proud of this and promised myself I would not let the team at Snowy Wilderness down.

I went into trail training and getting fit enough to handle the steep mountain trails, running creeks were a bit strange as I had never seen anything like it and wow!! those kangaroos and wallabies, how strange are they. Anyway I finally got to do my first trail ride and that year I was awarded the Horse of the Year, it was 2019 and I was only 4 years old.

I am now up a fair way in the pecking order of riding mob and a very proud member of the Snowy Wilderness team.

We invite you to come and share this very special experience with us.
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