My name is Chillie, I was first introduced to Snowy Wilderness by one of their guides who was buying another horse from the same place that I used to live at. They asked me if I wanted to come and live at Snowy Wilderness, I didn’t know where this was but they said it was in the snowy mountains so I thought heck… why not? When I got there and realized that I LOVED water and swimming in the dams. Now I know that I’ve got to ask permission from my rider to go swimming and generally I will not go swimming before they give me permission. I’m a good looking girl and I don’t mind a good time at the campsites and I love my treats, I’m always hang around at the yards finishing off every last morsel of hay!

We invite you to come and share this very special experience with us.
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    Travel to Jindabyne, the heart of the Snowy Mountains, NSW

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