Oh my God this was love at first sight, I was in an awful yard with 6 other horses and this guy came in to check out horses for the sale. I was at the diagonally opposite to him  but I was really attracted to this guy, he had on a really beat up Akubra, so very much to my risk I made my way slowly between all the other horses to meet up with this guy and I could not help but nuzzle him. His reaction was very warming, he said “how would you like to come out to Snowy Wilderness and be a trail riding horse?” I nuzzled him again and to my delight he bid for me when I was paraded in the sales ring and he won the bidding, not that there was a huge amount of interest in me.

I never did well at the races, I was a pacer, but my brother won quite a bit of prize money. Now I was off to Snowy Wilderness to be a “trail riding horse” What was this all about??

Well I’ve never seen anything like it, all these confusing water runs (creeks), so scary I had to jump over each one for a while there, but I soon learnt to walk through them a bit more calmly, boy it took a little bit of time though.

I am now one of the most popular horses in the riding mob or so I think so and I do love all the humans, they are a very strange mob of animals but always gentle and kind to me. Lately, the guy with the beaten up Akubra, one of his grand sons Cohen has been riding me a lot so I must be doing things right.

They call me “Steady Eddy”, I don’t know what steady means but I do know my name is Eddy.

We invite you to come and share this very special experience with us.
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