Sierra (semi retired)

Hi I am Sierra,

 Justin came to test ride me and buy me way back in 2007, I was based in Windsor north west of Sydney. I was a recently retired race horse and I was always out in front when we came out of the gates. If horse races were over 100 meters I would have been a champion….I am a champion anyway!! Justin always told me so.

He took me out to Snowy Wilderness where there were other horses, but I really did not buddy up with any particular horse, instead I hung out with what was known as the “Brumby Mob” and even though I was never accepted as a brumby, they tolerated having me hang out with them.

I am a very strong and keen thoroughbred and I only looked after intermediate to experienced riders, also Justin rode me a lot as a lead horse.

I really love my trail riding and sincerely put my mind into the job at hand.

I once carried Justin all the way up the Roller Coaster when he had 2 busted ribs, I tried to be really gentle with him, but some of the words he was saying, crikey, I have never heard before.

Anyway, I am just over 19 years now and Justin took me for a beach holiday this winter and he has just informed me I am retiring to a couple where the husband is just going to ride me occasionly and I will now be permanently located near the beach where it is warm and the grass is lush.

This all looks good, but I will miss my guests, the Brumby Mob and will only see Justin & Delia occasionally……these two guys have looked after me for over 14 years and I really do love them both, but Delia is much better looking than Justin!!

We invite you to come and share this very special experience with us.
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