Hi, I’m Tessa and I am a big strong quarter horse mare. I have been at Snowy Wilderness for many years and only intermediate to experienced riders are allocated to me. Quite a few of the guides ride me as well as I am very good with leading out and opening & closing gates.

I have this habit of pinning my ears back when I’m being saddled or rugged, I don’t really mean anything by it, but it is just instinctive for me.

Justin bought me at the Camden sales, my previous owner got rid of me when she fell off riding me along a road and a truck went by, it was not my fault but I copped the blame, anyway, my new life at Snowy Wilderness has just been terrific and I enjoy all my responsibilities. I get plenty of days off, get fed really well (I am a big girl) and I have lots of friends. I also have lots of our girls ride me like Steffi from Germany, Jess from Ingham in Queensland, and CJ from Berridale, so I must be doing my job well. I love it here and Justin & Delia are really good to me.

We invite you to come and share this very special experience with us.
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