Tin Mine

I was in a snow blizzard near Tin Mine Hut when I lost sight of my mum…. a few hours later these guys found me and put a rope around my neck and took me into their hut for the night. I was not toilet trained at this stage so I pee’d on this guys hat and pooped in his boots… I also got really bored and started eating his bed clothes.

The next day they took me in a trailer back to their place called Snowy Wilderness. There was another brumby there called Lady who became my surrogate mum and I just hung out with her and the other few riding horses they had at the time. I was very naughty at times taking the guests jeans they were drying out on the clothes line and hiding them up in the paddock, it was just so funny watching them searching for their belongings.

I am now a very experienced riding horse and I often overhear the big guy saying to the visiting people how handsome I am, whatever that means. I try to look after my passengers but sometimes I lose concentration and take them into some bushes or trees and they make such a shrill noise when the branches get them all confused.

We invite you to come and share this very special experience with us.
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