Little Banjo

Hi I’m Little Banjo

My mum, a Snowy Mountains Brumby,  was saved by Snowy Wilderness from being sent to the house of no return. Thank god for these 2 really terrific girls from Snowy Wilderness. 

Anyway, I was born at Snowy Wilderness and my mum was called Ellie, the girls wanted to call me Ester, but the owner Justin was riding his horse Banjo and Banjo took a real interest in me and I had a miniature head like Banjo’s so Justin made sure my name was changed to Little Banjo.

I am a really friendly Brumby and I have been trained a little to become a riding horse, I really want to contribute like everyone else. Justin thinks maybe December 2019 I will be ready.

I am only going to be very small so only small people will be suitable for me, but I will be safe and look after all these small humans.

I really look up to Big Banjo, but I will be better behaved than him, he really gives Justin a really hard time.

My mum is now in the lower acres and Delia & Justin are feeding her almost everyday to keep her close by, she is and always will be a wild brumby, she is really good looking but I think I am better looking!!

We invite you to come and share this very special experience with us.
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