Hi everyone, I am Henry, I started out as a not so proficient polo horse….it was not my fault as my legs just grew & grew so I was not as agile as I needed to be. So I ended up at the sale yards in Camden and this really happy guy with a piece of wattle in his hat took an interest in me, he even asked if I would like to go back to Snowy Wilderness with him. I said yes, not even knowing what that meant. As it turned out it has been sensational. I met my new girl friend Enya, and my new best friend Jesse.

I love swimming in the many lakes at Snowy Wildrerness and there is this one lake in particular that has beautiful water lillies and I eat the leaves as they are extremely healthy for you and stimulating. Anyway, Justin caught me doing this one time and made a video of me and posted it on Facebook and I became an overnight sensation getting over 2.6 million likes and views. Oh boy was Justin just over the moon with me, he now calls me his Super Star and I am very sort after, I even have my own diary and private booking list, and not just anyone can ride me and I do have my own select list including, Sophie (Justin’s daughter in law), Debbie, & Renee.

I must admit I do go to sleep a lot on the trail, maybe it is too much of those lilly leaves… Justin also calls me Dream Boat, but he does mean well. I just love it at Snowy Wilderness, I meet so many nice people who care so much for me and the other horses – it is not just about me!! We all get licorice every time we are on a ride and apples at lunch time, and I do love Enya and my bestie Jesse.

We invite you to come and share this very special experience with us.
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