Hi, I am Snowy

Justin bought me at the Camden sales and I had these certificates certifying I was an Anglo Arab pure bred. Well Justin & and his mate Shannon were so thrilled about obtaining a quality horse like me, they went off to the pub to have a few drinks and forgot to get my certificate!!

OMG, I went from being a high quality pure bred thing to just a trail horse. BTW I have no problem with this, for some reason at Snowy Wilderness I really have been at the bottom of the picking order all the time no matter my superior breeding.

I do love it hee but I am really aware of my position, for example, I would never challenge Banjo for a scrap of hay.

But most times I get around the pecking order and end up with a better feed than most of the other horses as they are more concerned with arguing over a morsel when I have a huge feed in my range!!

My best friend is Tommo, he is really chilled out like I am and stays away from all the hierarchical BS.

Guests really love me and love to polish me up….I remember one time after a 3 day trek, these 3 girls shampooed & polished me and after 2 hours of this treatment, my first inclination was to roll in the mud, which I did much to their horror….I am always the first horse after a ride to roll in the dirt or mud. I just love it, but being brilliant white, most guests are apalled at my rolling.

I am a very popular horse with the guests, but I do know my place in the pecking order and do respect my fellow riding horses.

We invite you to come and share this very special experience with us.
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