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The Homestead

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The Homestead

The Homestead at Snowy Wilderness is the ultimate in luxury but at one with the rugged Australian High Country wilderness in which it is nestled.

The Homestead is your retreat for your stay and you are the master/mistress of this unique 7,500 acres of “Man from Snowy River” country. Suitable for a couple, a family, extended family, or a group of up to 10, the Homestead is exclusively yours and is everything you could wish for in a Snowy Mountains getaway.

While you are here you can just relax by the lily filled lake at your front door, tour the property on horseback, 4WD, or quad bike visiting unique places such as Power’s Wilderness Hut, Lake Bella Vista, Gully Lake, the Grand Canyon, Mt Carlisle, Reedy Creek, and many more exciting places and lookouts.

Oh, and while you are here you can experience our fine dining menu, from Aussie camp oven feast to delicate pork belly in apple and blackberry jus, to our delightful choice of desserts, all served to you in style in your Homestead retreat.