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Our Horses

This section is a personal introduction to each of our beautiful horses where they tell their story of how and why they are at Snowy Wilderness, we hope you enjoy this lovely section of our website.

It is a work in progress as we have over 45 horses and we are constantly adding more horse interviews/backgrounds.

Tin Mine

I was in a snow blizzard near Tin Mine Hut when I lost sight of my mum.... a few hours later these guys found me and put a rope around my neck and took me into their hut for the night. I was not toilet trained at this stage so I pee'd on this guys hat and pooped in his boots... I also got really bored and started eating his bed clothes.

The next day they took me in a trailer back to their place called Snowy Wilderness. There was another brumby there called Lady who became my surrogate mum and I just hung out with her and the other few riding horses they had at the time. I was very naughty at times taking the guests jeans they were drying out on the clothes line and hiding them up in the paddock, it was just so funny watching them searching for their belongings.

I am now a very experienced riding horse and I often overhear the big guy saying to the visiting people how handsome I am, whatever that means. I try to look after my passengers but sometimes I lose concentration and take them into some bushes or trees and they make such a shrill noise when the branches get them all confused.


Hi I'm Checkers

Justin bought me from the Camden horse sales and named me checkers for very obvious reasons. I am a good horse for an intermediate to experenced rider and I do not need to be shod as I have very hard hooves, Justin appreciates this as he does not have to pay a farrier to shoe me, just the odd trim evetry now and again.

I keep mainly to myself in the mob, gee it is a large mob of horses and it is very difficult to pick out a best buddy, so that is why I'm mainly keeping to myself, but I am always communicating with everyone and there is never a dull moment especially at feed time everyday.

I look forward to meeting some of our guests, they all think I am such an attractive pony and if I don't mind saying so myself, I agree with them whole heartedly. See you all soon.


Hi I'm Brewster and I am a very big standard bred horse. Justin, my owner bought me at the Camden horse sales and I was being auctioned there because I had not won enough prize money at the races/trots.

Well, as far as I am concerned I'm more than happy, in fact, I'm over the moon, this Snowy Wilderness joint is really terrific. I get to hang out with all my new friends, I am slowly climbing up the peking order, and I get fed really well on proper organic stuff.

The only issue I do have is they tend o put the bigger guests on me for the trail rides and I'm not always sure whether that is all together fair.

When I was a new horse here, I did kick a little bit but I have kicked that habit now and I am a more chilled out horse.

I once kicked Justin accidentally and he went down like a sack of potato's as he already had a very painful hip on his right and my accidental kick got him in the back of the thigh on the left leg, he really didn't know which leg to use to get up off the ground....we all talked about it afterwards and we all thought it was a bit funny, luckily Justin did not know we all thought it funny.

Anyway, I'm here and I love the trail riding so if you are about 55kg ask for me Brewster, thanks.


I have always been ridden in the Monaro/Snowy Mountains area, but my previous owner got too old for me and put me up for sale at the Cooma horse sales in about 2007. This really funny looking dude with a crappy Akubra hat came over and looked at me. A guy that was with him said:"Why would you want to buy this horse, he has a bit of a swayed back." I was offended as I really have a big strong back and I really liked the dude in the Akubra. Anyway, luckily he ignored his mate and he bought me in the sale ring.

He took me back to this place called Snowy Wilderness to be a trail riding horse, but I really am hyper active and extremely lively, I don't know what it is but I cannot help it!!

So only the dude rides me which I really appreciate, he thinks he is in control, but I really dominate the partnership. He really looks after me and gives me lots of licorice and apples.

I hang out with Nevada and Charlie as us three are the bosses of the large riding mob. I think there are over 45 horses but I don't have any fingers like my dude so my counting is very erratic to say the least.


Hi I'm Dingo and I have been on national television with Ernie Dingo riding me, WOW!! How about me?

Mick Flanno sold me to Justin in a deal done in Flanno's butcher shop, but I do love it out here, I have 7,500 acres of space and I do occasionally see Flanno.

I am suitable for beginners to experienced dudes, I can ratchett it up anytime. I am a thoroughbred bay looking horse and I really do love doing the trail rides. 

I put on a little act when they saddle me & bridle me but that's just me positioning myself with the guides.

Having been on national TV I have gone up a little in the pecking order, but I still have a way to go to join Banjo, Nevada, Charlie, & Tin Mine as the top echelon, but I'm willing to bide my time especially if I get to go on TV again. I'm not really a Super Star like Henry, but not far off it.


Hi Everyone

I am not a riding horse but a very handsome Waler Brumby. Luckily Justin found me and my mob on the web in March of 2004, we had come from the Northern Territory to the NSW Central Coast, it was a severe drought and we were going to the slaughter house as noone could afford to feed us...we were in a terrible way and our future looked bleak to say the least.

Then Justin sent this truck to pick us up and take us to his amazing wilderness. After we arrived we were still in deep trouble as we were severely starved and 2 of my mob actually passed away. We were fed rich lucerne hay everyday throughout the snowy mountains winter until well into summer when we had recovered and were fat and happy.

We have now been here for 15 years and we are about 24 years old. Justin comes by often to feed me and give me treats like bread, snack bars, and licorice. I love him and he loves me, he calls me his best friend which makes me extremely proud.

The winters here are not like the Northern Territory, but we have acclimatized and deal with it fairly well. We are up at Justin & Delia's High Acres and the grasses are nice and lush for us most of the time.

When Justin comes to see me he often has a riding group with him or a 4WD tour and I ham it up with Justin to impress the guests, I like licking his hand to get the salt from his skin, the guests are always very impressed with this show of affection. His lead horse Banjo is a bit of a pain, but I just deal with it!!

Please come and visit me up on the High Acres, we love having visitors.


Hi there, I was only 3 years old when Justin came along and rescued me from a life of being a show pony. At that time my name was Neville, OMG it was so embarrassing, Justin came along and said this handsome horse needs to be called Nevada, but most shorten this to Nev. I was just so pleased and happy to go to this place called Snowy Wilderness where I am now a king pin with Banjo, Charlie, & Tin Mine. They are all such good friends to be around and we do protect our large group especially our mares.

A few years later they brought in this absolutely beautiful mare called Sally, and she has been my girl friend ever since, she is as beautiful as I am handsome and we really are  the "go to couple" at Snowy Wilderness.

I am only suitable for experienced riders as I can misbehave sometimes, but I am getting better as I get older and when there is a big group of school children or adults, I am allowed to have relatively inexpoerienced riders on me and my behaviour is always exemplarary in these circumstances.

When Sally goes out on the trail and I am not being used, I always hang at the yards until she returns.


Hi, I'm Enya. I was out at Picton doing polo stuff with a very large international outfit when Sarah & Justin came along to buy me and take me back to this incredible place called Snowy Wilderness. I am known as a very forward mare and they only let experienced riders ride me, but I am also really well behaved and really cool.

I am a very attractive mare so Henry, our super star horse fell in love with me almost as soon as I arrived at Snowy Wlderness, but also so did Buddy, so I hang out with both of them and one of Justin's main lead horses Jesse. We are a group of 4 and we are always together except when one or more of us is working.



Hi guys, I was living in Randwick at Gai Waterhouse's stables helping out each morning starting at 4:30am. I am a very handsome thoroughbred, but not as fast as they wanted me to go. So Gai said to take me to the Camden sales. It's a little daunting going through this large sale yard, but this really cool guy called Justin with a funny hat started bidding for me and bought me. I was very happy with this as I shared the journey to his property Snowy Wilderness with a few other horses, one was called Henry who has become my best friend.

On the journey we got stopped by the police, but Justin talked them into letting us continue our journey without any fine. We also stopped at the pub in Berridale as Sarah's boy friend was there, everyone in the pub came out to see us, and for the first time in my life I felt really proud to be who I am.

When we got established at Snowy Wilderness, Justin started riding me and we really gelled together and as I had been already been taught how to open & close gates, I became one of 2 lead horses for Justin. He also checked out Henry for this role, but even though Henry is my bestie, he does day dream a lot and you cannot day dream if you are going to be a lead horse.

Little Banjo

Hi I'm Little Banjo

My mum, a Snowy Mountains Brumby,  was saved by Snowy Wilderness from being sent to the house of no return. Thank god for these 2 really terrific girls from Snowy Wilderness. 

Anyway, I was born at Snowy Wilderness and my mum was called Ellie, the girls wanted to call me Ester, but the owner Justin was riding his horse Banjo and Banjo took a real interest in me and I had a miniature head like Banjo's so Justin made sure my name was changed to Little Banjo.

I am a really friendly Brumby and I have been trained a little to become a riding horse, I really want to contribute like everyone else. Justin thinks maybe December 2019 I will be ready.

I am only going to be very small so only small people will be suitable for me, but I will be safe and look after all these small humans.

I really look up to Big Banjo, but I will be better behaved than him, he really gives Justin a really hard time.

My mum is now in the lower acres and Delia & Justin are feeding her almost everyday to keep her close by, she is and always will be a wild brumby, she is really good looking but I think I am better looking!!


Hi Everyone, I'm Hunter

I am one of the most friendly horses in our mob, just behind Eddy. Justin picked me up from the Camden sale yards and I was amazed at the number of friends I now have. I used to be kept in a small room all by myself and woken up at 4:00am every morning so I could go for an exercise run and fed all this food with bad stuff in it. Now I eat organice lucerne hay and get to hang out with all my 40 odd other mates. 

Some of them who are a lot more senior than I am don't take much notice of me, but I just hang back and give them the respect they deserve due to their superior knowledge of all things Snowy Wilderness.

I am a really good trail horse now and suitable for novices that have ridden before and know what they are all about.

When Justin and the others put out the lucerne each morning I always get in the way of Justin's land cruiser, not only because I'm trying to be human friendly, but also to get a mouthful of the fresh hay. Justin toots the horn and I soon move out of the way. I love doing this every morning as I then get noticed and I feel important.


Hi I am Madison or Maddie if you prefer.

I am a very pretty thoroughbred mare and have been at Snowy Wilderness for about 3 years. My best mate and boy friend is Squirrel, he is a thoroughbred like me and we are both bays.

Squirrel has been away at the beach during winter and I have missed him dreadfully, but Justin has just told me he will be coming back around the last week in September, ooooh I cannot wait, Squirrel is just so cute, but he does try to eat my food.

I am a very good trail horse and suitable for all standards of riders, I am a really well hehaved individual. If you are lucky enough to be allocated to me, I do love apples, licorice, and carrots.


Hi, I'm Tessa and I am a big strong quarter horse mare. I have been at Snowy Wilderness for many years and only intermediate to experienced riders are allocated to me. Quite a few of the guides ride me as well as I am very good with leading out and opening & closing gates.

I have this habit of pinning my ears back when I'm being saddled or rugged, I don't really mean anything by it, but it is just instinctive for me.

Justin bought me at the Camden sales, my previous owner got rid of me when she fell off riding me along a road and a truck went by, it was not my fault but I copped the blame, anyway, my new life at Snowy Wilderness has just been terrific and I enjoy all my responsibilities. I get plenty of days off, get fed really well (I am a big girl) and I have lots of friends. I also have lots of our girls ride me like Steffi from Germany, Jess from Ingham in Queensland, and CJ from Berridale, so I must be doing my job well. I love it here and Justin & Delia are really good to me.


Howdy, my name is Music and I was born here. I am half a Waler Brumby, our Silver Brumby jumped the fence and had an affair with my beatiful Mum, Christie and I am/was the result.

Justin called me Music, and I really cannot understand this, but he tells me it was about a song that Willie Nelson sang about a Cowboy & his horse called Music & his girl friend who rode a horse called Memories. The one thing I have learnt about Justin, he is a romantic and loves his country are the words to some of the song "High on a mountain in Western Montana, a silhouette moves across a cinnamon sky, riding along on a horse he calls Music, with a song on his lips and a tear in his eye" Justin plays it on his guitar, but is nothing like the Willie Nelson version.

Boy, how romantic can these humans get!!, I just hung out with my Mum every day until they trained me to be a riding horse and get a proper job. I did find the creeks a real problem, but I got used to them.

My Mum passed away quite a few years back now, but I have many close friends and I am reasonably high up on the pecking order.

I am suitable for most riders and I love looking after my guests, I look very similar to my Dad, the Silver Brumby, I even have these brown freckles like he did on his face.


Hi everyone, I am Henry, I started out as a not so proficient polo was not my fault as my legs just grew & grew so I was not as agile as I needed to be. So I ended up at the sale yards in Camden and this really happy guy with a piece of wattle in his hat took an interest in me, he even asked if I would like to go back to Snowy Wilderness with him. I said yes, not even knowing what that meant. As it turned out it has been sensational. I met my new girl friend Enya, and my new best friend Jesse.

I love swimming in the many lakes at Snowy Wildrerness and there is this one lake in particular that has beautiful water lillies and I eat the leaves as they are extremely healthy for you and stimulating. Anyway, Justin caught me doing this one time and made a video of me and posted it on Facebook and I became an overnight sensation getting over 2.6 million likes and views. Oh boy was Justin just over the moon with me, he now calls me his Super Star and I am very sort after, I even have my own diary and private booking list, and not just anyone can ride me and I do have my own select list including, Sophie (Justin's daughter in law), Debbie, & Renee.

I must admit I do go to sleep a lot on the trail, maybe it is too much of those lilly leaves... Justin also calls me Dream Boat, but he does mean well. I just love it at Snowy Wilderness, I meet so many nice people who care so much for me and the other horses - it is not just about me!! We all get licorice every time we are on a ride and apples at lunch time, and I do love Enya and my bestie Jesse.


Hi, I'm Smudge

Justin bought me at Camden sales way back and he bought me with my best mate Sally, we were a teriffic pair who did not want to get separated. He was kind enough to ensure we both stayed together.

We got transported back to Snowy Wilderness and hung together as there were so many other horses it was very confronting. But we quickly got accepted into the mob.

Then I noticed there were a few horses different from the others, Justin explained to me these were the Brumby Mob. They seemed to be so free in their expression and just so natural, I was very attracted to their demeanour so I started hanging more with them tha Sally & as it happened Sally was becoming very attached to a very handsome Thoroughbred called Nevada.

So I became a member of the Brumby Mob and actually had a brief affair with a brumby stallion which resulted in a new foal which we named Spirit. He is very handsome but now is very annoying at 11 months old, as I am now back doing trail rides, sometimes they let him come along with the ride but it is very embarrassing to me as he still tries to get a drink of milk from me in front of the guests.

Jimmy or Jim Jim

Hi I'm Jimmy

I was born at Snowy Wilderness and my Dad was our fabled Silver Brumby so I am a very proud Brumby and I do hang out every day with our Brumby Mob in the riding horse group, this includes Granma Lady, auntie Pearl, Uncle Tin Mine and auntie Smudge.

I am a very lively horse to ride so Justin only allocates really good riders to ride me....I cannot help it but I do get very excited at going for a canter....but normally I try to really behave myself.

I do love my riding horse job at Snowy Wilderness, we do ride past all the wild brumbies and I do like the fact I get fed really well every day, it makes things so much easier for me and I do like the riders they assign to me, they give me apples and licorice every lunch break.

So if you are good you can come and ride with me I promise I will try to look after you, but no guarantees, I can get a little excited, but oh it is fun!!


Hi My name used to be Twit because I was once owned by a Twit, but when Justin bought me he changed my name. He believes a horse needs to be called a respectable name and I agree with him. So I am now called Titch, not perfect but a hell of a lot better!!

I am a really big and tall thoroughbred horse and I used to go brumby running with my mate Gary, but I'm a little past that chasing of other horses now and I just do quiet trail riding. I hav, but I'm getting theree been at Snowy Wilderness for about 18 months now and have really enjoyed the heaps of other horse friends I now have.

I am good for an experienced novice to a really experienced rider and I do love to please my guest. I hang out near the lead horses but I still need to jump up into that top echelon group...I am really imposing, but there is more to it than that, time at Snowy Wilderness helps, but I have been in the Snowies for a long time so that helps my case. I look forward to taking some of you lucky people for a nice trail ride soon.


Hi I'm Pearl or Pearlie as Justin likes to call me,

I am a beautiful mare who has been at Snowy Wilderness since 2005, so I am the head mare and a VIP in the pecking order.

I do hang out with the Brumby Mob but I do have the absolute support of all the horses in our total mob, boy am I important and you better believe it!!

I am suitable for all lvels of riders so I am very popular, but usually get ridden at the back of the line as I just cannot help threatening any other horse that gets too close to my buttocks, do not get in my space!!

I have been at Snowy Wilderness for nearly 14 years and I have loved every minute, Justin & Delia really look after all of us, but I do get special treats every now and then due to my senority.


Hi Guys, I'm Watmo or Watimo as my crazy owner Justin calls me.

Justin was in the Jindy Butcher Shop one day, some years back when Mick Flanagan had bought me for going bush and Brumby Running. Apparently I was too gangly and not nimble enough for Mick so he sold me on to Justin in the butcher shop (hey, I was not physically in the shop, I would not fit anyway).

What a terrific good luck break in my life, I don't have to go flat chat through the bush chasing brumbies, dodging rocks and trees and logs. Now I can just amble along, go for the occasional canter or trot, and the other days just chill out with my other 45 mates. Ahhh did I say mates, one of my vices is I love occasionally biting one or more of my mates when I am on the trail rides.

They usually put the tall , relatively "heavy" (none of our guests are heavy, that's my boss's motto) on me, I am tall and able to carry good guys or girls.

Other than my occasional biting events, they usually put novice to good novice riders on me.

I'm a good looking thoroughbred with a mean looking fringe over my eyes, but I am a really good horse who tries really hard to please over our challenging terrain.

Sierra (semi retired)

Hi I am Sierra,

 Justin came to test ride me and buy me way back in 2007, I was based in Windsor north west of Sydney. I was a recently retired race horse and I was always out in front when we came out of the gates. If horse races were over 100 meters I would have been a champion....I am a champion anyway!! Justin always told me so.

He took me out to Snowy Wilderness where there were other horses, but I really did not buddy up with any particular horse, instead I hung out with what was known as the "Brumby Mob" and even though I was never accepted as a brumby, they tolerated having me hang out with them.

I am a very strong and keen thoroughbred and I only looked after intermediate to experienced riders, also Justin rode me a lot as a lead horse.

I really love my trail riding and sincerely put my mind into the job at hand.

I once carried Justin all the way up the Roller Coaster when he had 2 busted ribs, I tried to be really gentle with him, but some of the words he was saying, crikey, I have never heard before.

Anyway, I am just over 19 years now and Justin took me for a beach holiday this winter and he has just informed me I am retiring to a couple where the husband is just going to ride me occasionly and I will now be permanently located near the beach where it is warm and the grass is lush.

This all looks good, but I will miss my guests, the Brumby Mob and will only see Justin & Delia occasionally......these two guys have looked after me for over 14 years and I really do love them both, but Delia is much better looking than Justin!!

Rosie & Holly

Hi, we are Rosie & Holly, we are always together, Justin got us together from Nowra and we are inseperable except when only one of us goes on a trail ride.

We are both thoroughbred mares, and black in colour. 

I am Rosie and the eldest of the 2 of us, I am Holly and I am a lot younger than Rosie, but Rosie is just so beautiful and young at heart.

We do not do so well in the mountains during winter so Justin & Delia arrange a beach holiday for us on the south coast, close to where we come from. The guy who looks after us down at the coast, his name is John is very kind to us, but we are a bit mischievous, the other day he took all the holiday group out to some beautiful grass in a council area and we went and found a gap in the fence and went for a run, the other 3 horses followed us and John had to come and catch us on his quad bike, ohh it was great fun. He was not meant to tell Justin, but he did.

Anyway, we are coming back to Snowy Wilderness at the end of this September and we will meet up with all the riding mob, it will be so good to catch up on all the gossip. 


Hi, I am Snowy

Justin bought me at the Camden sales and I had these certificates certifying I was an Anglo Arab pure bred. Well Justin & and his mate Shannon were so thrilled about obtaining a quality horse like me, they went off to the pub to have a few drinks and forgot to get my certificate!!

OMG, I went from being a high quality pure bred thing to just a trail horse. BTW I have no problem with this, for some reason at Snowy Wilderness I really have been at the bottom of the picking order all the time no matter my superior breeding.

I do love it hee but I am really aware of my position, for example, I would never challenge Banjo for a scrap of hay.

But most times I get around the pecking order and end up with a better feed than most of the other horses as they are more concerned with arguing over a morsel when I have a huge feed in my range!!

My best friend is Tommo, he is really chilled out like I am and stays away from all the hierarchical BS.

Guests really love me and love to polish me up....I remember one time after a 3 day trek, these 3 girls shampooed & polished me and after 2 hours of this treatment, my first inclination was to roll in the mud, which I did much to their horror....I am always the first horse after a ride to roll in the dirt or mud. I just love it, but being brilliant white, most guests are apalled at my rolling.

I am a very popular horse with the guests, but I do know my place in the pecking order and do respect my fellow riding horses.


Hi, I'm Jet, or somtimes my owner calls me Jet Ski as once I was galloping across Gully Lake with a rider and we went down under water. All was good, noone hurt & I just shook the water off me, but these humans, once they get wet there is all sorts of issues!!

Anyway, I'm a very fast horse and love trail riding or just hanging out with all my mates chewing the fat, I'm a pretty chilled sort of horse.

I have been at Snowy Wilderness for over 11 years. My first love was Vikki,  she first rode me as a guest on a 5 day trek before she joined the team as a guide and rode me most of the time....we had great fun racing up at Gully Lake with her cousin, Jonno.

Now I don't want you all to get the wrong idea that I gallop everywhere, these days I am just as happy strolling along and going for the occasional canter.

I also do yoga everyday with Snowy due to the fact a guy who is dubiously related to my boss, Justin,  rode me on a 4 day trek and taught me yoga, I have now introduced these Yoga classes daily into the Snowy Wilderness riding horse regime, thanks Mark.

Nowadays I am suitable for any standard of rider except real beginners, but I do love my human guests and I love it when they share their apples with me at lunch time. So all of you please take note, Jet loves apples!!


Hi I'm Sally

Justin bought me & Smudge at the Camden sale yards, Smudge & I were sold as a package. We were besties until we arrived at Snowy Wilderness and Smudge got through a fence and went running with the brumbies.

When they finally were able to catch her and bring her back she was in foal. I really did not speak to her anymore and teamed up with Nevada who is now my boy friend. We are booth very good looking and he always waits for me when I am on a trail ride without him. He loves me a lot.

I can be a very fast horse even though I am fairly small, but I am suitable for all levels of riders except real novices.

Smudge got out again not so long ago and had another foal which they have called Spirit. Boy she is just such a hussy.

I have been at Snowy Wilderness for over 6 years now and really love hanging out with the riding mob. Smudge hangs out with the riding brumby mob which is good as it keeps her away from me. Don't get me wrong, I do love her but she is no longer my close friend like she used to be.

All the guests who ride me love me, I am quite a favourite and Justin always looks after me and says g'day almost every day.


Hi, I'm Tommo

I did not have a name when I came to Snowy Wilderness, I am actually owned by Mick Flannagan, the Jindy butcher who does the Settler's Hut Trek with Snowy Wilderness. Justin & Delia named me Tommo and Flanno was happy with that, I think he was over the moon he did not need to figure out a name for me, I think Flanno is a bit lazy when it comes to inventing horse names!!

I have been here at Snowy Wilderness for over 4 years now and I am part of the furniture.

I am the priority horse to go out on Flanno's treks but only if I suit the guests heights/weights & experience, but this usually works that I do get to go out on treks with my real owner. Sometimes I think Flanno looks at me sideways and says "are you really my horse?"

Anyway, my bestie is Snowy and there is no way we will be separated, Snowy is just the nicest and least presupposing mate you could ever have, we just want to hang out forever, we really are inseperable. I do know Justin tries to match us up on rides whenever he can, but sometimes if I go out without Snowy or vice versa, no problem, we make up on the lost gossip during the night.

I am a very chilled out horse and suitable for any level of rider, I can be very good for a beginner or I can give an experienced rider a really good time.

I am a chestnut thoroughbred and if I may say so, very handsome, but I must admit Snowy is the star, he being a toffy looking Anglo Arab.